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Project introduction

Introduction to Exchange Student of High School inAmerica


American government support exchange student program and specially publish bills of exchange education which aimed at promote mutual understanding between American students and peers from various countries. The term ofAmericabegins in August or September and end in following May or June. According to age and grades, students generally are assigned to ninth grade to twelfth grade in public high school. State government support public high school for native students who went to neighborhood school. Exchange student inAmericacan enjoy same treatments ofAmericastudents.

Meanwhile, approved private high school also can accept international exchange students, but exchange students need to afford a part of or whole tuition. Private high school funded by citizens belongs to private enterprises or religious group. Generally speaking, private high school has greater academic atmosphere, counseling service with more features, and stricter management system. More and more exchange students are willing to study in private high school especially those want to finish high school inAmericaand enter into famous university.

Students can select lessons depending on own ability and interest. English and history are compulsory courses and counselor will provide guidance for selecting courses. Students can select some courses like economy, science, arts, debate, drama, society, and information technology and life skills. Outstanding students can get college credits in high school. Joining in all kinds of clubs, extra-curricular activities and social activities are important parts of life in high school. Students can play fully use to own imagination to develop independence and innovation. Basic education inAmericaattaches more importance to reading and comprehension. Exchange students fromAmericaare good at mathematics and science. Many Chinese students get champion in international events. However, Chinese students are weak in language courses especially American history. It takes much time to pass exam in first few months.

Application Requirements
  • Age: 15~18 years old (children from Junior Three, Senior One, or Senior Two)

  • Health Conditions: Be healthy in mind and body. Students with alert reaction and special diseases are not qualified.

  • Gradereach “B”(80) or above.

  • English: Students have ability to read, speak, listen and write and pass relevant exams.

  • Comprehensive quality: the comprehensive development of morality, intelligence, and physique independent and confident, good character, and active.

  • Economic conditions: Family can pay for the expense of education inAmerica.

  • Interview: Ideology and morality, family background, adaptive capacity, and English ability will be checked during interview


Formal: Exchange students program is supported by State Department and protected by federal government.

Economic: No tuition in public high school. Part of tuition in private high school

Reliable: With good public security, accommodation inAmericais strictly selected by government

Service: Both we and delegates inAmericawill keep contact with every student to help students adapt to American life.


Autumn term: from September to the following July

Spring term: from January to December.

The fee

The fee includes:

DS-2019, money paid for guardian, service and enrollment inAmericaand training before going abroad.  The fee also includes Pick-up service, board and accommodation and medical insurance 

The fee did not include:

The cost of test, visa, books and SEVICE Personal pocket money, living expense, lunch, car fare, and international all-round tickets Applicants must need a certain amount of cash deposit

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