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What’s the personalized tour in America?


The movie called Personal tailor became popular and then high-end personalized tour inAmericaalso became very popular. Not luxurious, common people can also afford the personalized tour inAmerica. Many tourists have experienced the high-end personalized tour based on own plan and route. American personalized tour means that we can design personalized tour for customers according to customers’ will. Food, room, entertainment, and shopping also can be ordered according to customers’ will.


Unique travel, personalized feeling, full-time driver, and professional tour guide make your trip safer, more low-key and more comfortable. We provide one-stop service for our customers.

Relationship between members: Members know each other and we provide private tour for families, friend, lovers, colleagues and business traveler to avoid being disturbed by unfamiliar tour groups.



We can order hotels of different grades and touring cars according to demand of customers.

Service of travel agency: VIP service for customers. It is easy for customers to increase enjoyment of journey and understanding   between families and friends and enjoy teamwor                     .

How to make a reservation for personalized tour?

Customers can design route or several routes online and then set standards for accommodation, vehicles, and routes. If you meet problems which you do not understand, you can directly ask your teachers for advices. Customers should tell planners your basic plan and then planners will customize a perfect route for customers.

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