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project introduction

 Introduction to the Au Pair Program toChina       


The word “au pair” derives from French which means reciprocity and mutual benefit. Young people from foreign countries live in host family and help accompany, take care of kids and share housework. Host family provides free room, food and pocket money. Chinese family can feel life with young people from foreign countries and enjoy conflicts led by great differences between western culture and eastern culture. Kids in Chinese family can experience western culture and learn native English. Meanwhile, kids in Chinese family will be more independent.

  •  At least 2 family members including children (aged 0~18)

  • Healthy in mind and body without criminal records

  • Chinese family which regard au pair as a member of family and respect and understand foreign lifestyle and habits

  •  Chinese family should help au pair adapt to life inChinaand learn Chinese culture

Cost and procedures

Term: 3 months to 6 months

23000RMB (3 months) and 40000RMB (6 months) for native English speaker

28000 RMB (3 months) and 47000 RMB (6 months) for non-native speakers of English

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