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Hospitality Practicum toAmerica


Trainee Program was launched by state department and protected by laws. Authorized agency and embassy attached great importance to this program. The program is specially set for those students in college and young people with professional skills. During life inAmerica, Participants will increase understanding of American culture and American society and broaden horizon. Participants can also improve professional skills and increase employment opportunity through learning from other participants.

Application Requirements

majors:  Hospitality Management, Restaurant Management, tourism management, and tourism English.

Requirements:  18~35 years old; can communicate with simple English words

                           College students majoring in hospitality management or junior college graduate 

                           Not more than 12 months from                                 

                           graduating Students who have got certificate of graduation or have practiced for one year in hotel

Introduction to jobs


four- and five-star hotels ,such as  Plaza Hotel, Holiday Inn,  Hilton hotel, Sheraton hotel, and Marriott Hotel

Receptionist, night auditor, waiters, Lobby host, and bellman\;


10 dollars per hour    8 hours every day     about 2000 dollars every month (without tip)

Want to be an international interns
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