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US Au Pair

Introduction  to  US Au Pair 


Au pair Care program inAmericais a cultural exchange program which is supported and recommended by American government. The program has developed for decades since 1986. Nearly 100,000 young students coming from various countries go toAmerica, experience American culture and learn Standard English every year. Being a member of the family, students will enjoy medical and accident insurance. Since 2006,Americabegan accept Chinese au pair, which provide an opportunity of experienceAmericaculture and learning native English for Chinese youth.

Application Requirements:

  •  Age: 18~26 the requirement can be relaxed to 26 and a half years old if people can speak English fluently.

  •  Have ability to communicate with simple English sentences.

  •  Caring, independent and responsible    Love kids and be willing to accompany kids

  •  Valid driving license (we can assistant applicants apply for international driving license freely)

  •  Applicants must be healthy without bad habits and willing to experience life inAmericasincerely

  •  Applicants with teaching experience, nursing experience or other talents will take priority.

Applicants can get:

  •  American family provide detached room and food freely

  •  Applicants can get pocket money 195.75 dollars at least every week (about 70,000 RMB every year)

  •  Free international round-trip tickets

  •  Basic medical and accident insurance

  •  Improve English and learn native spoken English

  •  Two-week holiday of paid. Applicants can travel aroundAmericafor one month after the end.

  •  Applicants can join au pair party organized by au pair association and know other young people from various  countries.

  •  Independent life experience can improve you and increase employment competiveness.


EU Au pair

Introduction to  EU Au pair


Au pair program has a history of hundreds of years in Europe, which is an intercultural exchange program among young people admitted by UNESCO.

The biggest advantage of au pair in Europe lies in Schengen visa. For those who like European countries, they can travel 26 countries in Europe if they get a visa of any country which signed Schengen agreements. It is very convenient for young people to experience different culture in Europe. Now 26 countries have signed Schengen agreements. They areAustria,Belgium,Denmark,Finland,France,Germany,Italy, theNetherlands,Norway,Spain,Sweden,Hungary,Iceland,Greece,Luxembourg,Poland,Estonia,Latvia,SwitzerlandMalta,Portugal, Czech,Slovenia,Lithuania, and Principality of Liechtenstein.


  • Age: 18~26 forGermany18~28 forFrance18~30 forNorway18~26 forBelgium18~26 for Holland 18~30 forSweden18~29 forDenmark

  • Unmarried, caring and driving license and experience of taking care of children, love kids, without criminal records

  • Have good communication skills in English

  • German level reaches A1 (500 class hours)

  • Basic French skills (non-French majors must provide certificate of 500 class hours)


  • Special room for applicants

  • Have dinner with family members

  • Pocket money ranges from 260 to 500 dollars (different pocket money in different family)

  • 10 hours of language courses every week

  • Not more than 5 hours every day, not more than 30 hours every week

  • One holiday every week at least, 4-week holiday of paid every year

  • Free medical and accident insurance

Common Questions

1 How to sign up? Do you have to sign up in company? How students from other provinces handle related procedures after registration?

Students can sign up after examination of spoken English. Students in Shandong province can go to our company to sign up. Students in other provinces can transfer money to our account. Students in other province can receive instruction and training by Internet and telephone. We hold au pair English training and students can select courses depend on own demand. To guarantee success rate of visa, students can have one-to-one training of visa or online training. The training lasts for 5 days.

2 how long do the whole program last?

The term of the program depends on conditions of applicants. Generally speaking, applicants need 3~6 months to prepare materials if applicants have no driving license and poor English. Applicants need 1~3 months to match satisfying family. With good qualification, the time applicants need will be reduced to 3~4 months. Applicants should sign up 3~6 months before leave.

3 what training courses do company provide?

Training of material preparation, matching family, visa, nursing, au pair English, and preparation

before leave    All these training are free.

4 what should students do if registration fail?

The whole program fee will be refunded back to applicants if we company lead to the failure in process of matching family and getting visa. However, because of personal reason, the earlier cost will not be refunded.

5 Why are American families willing to accept au pair fromChina?

“China Craze” becomes an unquestioned fact. More and more Americans become interested in Chinese culture. More and more Americans hope that their children can learn Chinese culture from an early age. What’s more, many American families adopted Chinese children and hope that the arrival of Chinese au pair can keep the blood contact with their adopted children.

6 How’s the au pair family inAmerica?

Only middle class family or above can afford au pair program. The au pair family will be investigated and audited by the US Department of Labor and au pair association in many aspects such as income, occupation, living environment, and credit. Only those family which meet requirements can apply for au pair program. Family members work in all walks of life like lawyer, doctor, manager, teacher, or banker and so on.

7 How are the safe problems guaranteed?

The safe problems are biggest problem for all parents, which is very common. Au pair program is designated by state department. Under protection of laws, au pair association authorized by state government operates and supervises the program. The staff in au pair association will keep contact with students regularly. All families come from upper-middle class family of high education. Their houses are in safe, high-end community. Staff in Au pair association will keep contact with applicants and hold party to exchange and help au pair solve potential problems. We company will keep contact with students until the end. We will help solve problems and provide guidance.

8 Can applicants go to designated state inAmerica?

It is free for applicants to go any state inAmerica. However, we must take realities of situation into consideration and we don’t recommend that applicants designate specific state. On the one hand, matching family will be more difficult because of limited places. On the other hand, American family will suspect applicant’s motives, which lead to more difficulties in matching family.

9 How long can applicants stay? Can applicants go back to china during the term?

The term of au pair program inAmericalasts for one year and the term can be extended to another 9 months or 12 months. The whole time cannot exceed 2 years. Applicants can go back to china in first year after negotiations with family, but applicants should pay for the cost of tickets. American family provides a round-trip ticket for applicants in the first year.

10 How to apply for extension of term? Cost?

No extra cost for second year. Applicants should send related files and apply to au pair association 6~8 weeks before the end of the first year. Association will help applicants handle application affairs and apply to State Department before expiration.

11 How many children au pair students should take care of?

Not more than four kids. Families with 2 or 3 kids aged 3 months to 12 years are very common. Families with one kid are very rare inAmerica. Au pair do not need to take care of all kids in family.

12 Are Chinese driving license valid in foreign countries?

Chinese driving licenses are not valid in other countries, so we help students apply for international driving license freely. Different states have different requirements for international driving license. Students should take a driving exam to get international driving license. The cost of exam is very cheap, just dozens of dollars or free in some states.

13 what should au pair do when conflicts with family members appear?

It is very common that conflicts between au pair and family members appear because of great differences between eastern and western culture. Au pair should negotiate with family and point out questions and au pair also can contact our teacher in charge. Teachers will help au pair and provide suggestions. If au pair and family cannot get along well, au pair can apply for changing family. Au pair association will help au pair change family. In fact, most of foreign families are very nice and outgoing, so au pair should get along with family well especially in first trimester. Meanwhile, students can get a lot from solving conflicts between families.




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